Coffelt Land Title Inc. is experienced in Commercial services

from insurance, to escrow and to settlement. Our team of professionals possess the knowledge and resources to service and close any kind of commercial endeavor.

We have worked with numerous Commercial clients across the midwest, and are recognized as a well-respected real estate partner. But we want you to experience our knowledge and care firsthand. We understand your needs are important in this space, and we’d love to begin a conversation with you today.

• Multi-Site Transactions

• Tax Deferred Exchanges

• Construction Disbursing

• 1031 Exchanges

• And More!

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A large part of my practice is structuring and closing complex real estate transactions for my clients.  I insist on using Coffelt Land Title, Inc. whenever I can, as Coffelt is second to none in customer service and working to solve the issues which oftentimes arise in connection with closing complicated real estate transactions.  Whether it is a client who is wanting to develop and construct a new healthcare development, sell or purchase properties in connection with a 1031 exchange, or sell or purchase properties out of a receivership or bankruptcy proceeding, I know I can count on Brenda, John, Kent and the rest of the Coffelt team to be my partner throughout the entire transaction.  I strongly recommend using Coffelt on any real estate transaction as I know they are up for the job and will not disappoint.

Michael F.