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Get on Board with ZOCCAM!

Take manual delivery, deposit & document management out of your closing process. Reduce risk and transaction time while increasing security and transparency. Create trust in the transaction by authenticating the borrower’s identification.

Value Reinforcement and Brand Awareness

Title Companies & Lenders will benefit from logo and exposure displayed on the platform and email notifications.

Faster Sales Cycles

ZOCCAM may be used at any time which means that orders can be opened at the time the contract is executed. Because ZOCCAM is available anywhere @ anytime, contracts and funds can be deposited 24/7.

Consumer Empowerment and Transparency Savings

ZOCCAM’s notification system allows the parties to receive information about the closing process and confirms delivery of the contract and deposit.

Decreased Liability by Following Pillar 3

ZOCCAM prevents the buyer’s check from being handled by numerous people including your Title Company employees. ZOCCAM ensures protection of the consumer’s NPI and by taking out manual deposits from your escrow process, the Title Company and Real Estate Agent are protected from possible security breaches due to mishandling of checks.

Cost Savings

ZOCCAM is a no cost platform to the Real Estate agents and buyers. It saves money by decreasing the time spent by individuals picking up funds, affecting the deposit to the Title Companies and Lenders while entering the order.


ZOCCAM streamlines the home buying experience by enabling the parties to securely send funds & documents, as well as, authenticate the borrower’s identity.

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Start the conversation today on how we can assist you in growing your business and improving your first impressions.

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