3 Times to Call Your Closer

There are certain situations and circumstances during the process of a real estate transaction that it is imperative that you contact your title company closer.

1st: Upon receipt of your title insurance commitment

The first time it’s important to contact your closer is upon receipt of your title insurance commitment. The commitment should be examined very carefully to verify correct spelling of buyer and seller and lender names, correct sales price and loan amount, correct marital status, correct property address and legal description and to review requirements for closing and exceptions to coverage. If any discrepancies are identified please CALL YOUR CLOSER.  If you have questions about the requirements or any of the exceptions please CALL YOUR CLOSER. The earlier in the process we can begin to address any issues the more likely it will not affect your scheduled closing date.

2nd: If there are any changes in contract terms, marital status or other major terms.

The second time in the process that it becomes important to contact your closer, is if there are any changes in contract terms, marital status or if you become aware of some piece of information which may affect closing. Please CALL YOUR CLOSER if any of these things change prior to closing. The sooner we know of any changes the smoother your closing will be on the day of closing.

3rd: Prior to wiring of closing funds

The Third and maybe most important time to contact your title company is prior to wiring of closing funds. Email spoofing and scams and wire fraud are currently at an all-time high. Cyber criminals are very adept and sophisticated at intercepting communication and sending fraudulent emails with falsified wiring instructions. These emails appear to be legitimate and may easily fool any unsuspecting parties. Before wiring any closing funds, it is absolutely critical that you CALL YOUR CLOSER to confirm that the wiring instructions you received were accurate and legitimate. This phone call will help protect your funds from disappearing forever.

Please feel free to contact any of our closers with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help ensure a smooth and successful closing process.