48 Hour Commitment

Many title agencies advertise 48-hour turn-around from order to commitment. At Coffelt Land Title, Inc. (CLT), we follow through with that promise.

When your order is received in our office, it is tracked every step of the way to assure speedy processing and minimal delays. We have an in-house title research plant, which gives us the advantage over most other title companies in our area. In fact, we are the title company other title companies come to for help and information.

Our goal is to have your order fully searched for chain of title, all liens of record, exceptions to coverage, judgments, bankruptcies and tax information; then typed and faxed out to you within two business days or 48 hours.

Occasionally, there are slight delays. The best way to avoid a delay is to provide CLT with any prior title work. The most common reasons for a delay include:

  • Waiting on a survey of the property when only a portion is being sold or borrowed against

  • Title is not vested as expected; the order does not disclose the current owner of the property

  • Complicated chain of title or breaks in the chain of title which require additional research

  • Liens, judgments, bankruptcies, tax sale issues that are undisclosed at the time the order is placed,

    may require additional research

  • Insufficient or incorrect information provided on the order

  • The property in question is part of a new subdivision which has not yet been platted

At CLT, we believe in the 48-Hour Commitment and our clients know they can count on us to deliver on time. This Commitment is just one reason why our clients use our services time and time again.